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Our Community of Care

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Better Health. With You. 

As part of our drive towards supporting residents in their healthcare needs and providing them with holistic services that improve their health and wellbeing, we are building a Community of Care (CoC) network. 

With a strong CoC network, we are able to better address the health and social care needs of the residents living in the northwest. It is our hope that by providing community care services closer to their home, residents will feel better supported on their journey towards better health and quality of life. With each CHP anchoring a CoC, our aim is to form up to 20 CoCs for over 250,000 residents in northwestern Singapore by 2026.​
If you or your organisation is interested to join our CoC, please reach out to us​.   ​
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O​​​ur CoC network ​comprises the followi​ng:​​​​​​

  • Woodlands Health – The hospital serves as the anchor partner to implement and coordinate collaborative efforts that​ ensure the overall wellbeing of the residents.
  • Community Health Team – Made up of nurses, health coaches and other healthcare professionals, these teams work in tandem with the hospital to provide health and lifestyle interventions to residents. 
  • Primary care providers – These are primarily General Practitioners (GPs), who anchor the clinical management for residents. 
  • Community partners – These partners provide additional services that residents require beyond what the hospital or the Community Health Team can provide. ​
  • Individuals – These are empowered residents who help promote healthy behaviour among their peers.​

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For Primary Care Part​ners

Fostering close partnerships and collaborations so as to support, provide and deliver seamless care to our residents. ​​ ​​​

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Our CoC Partners

The partners on our CoC network work closely together to establish strong links for outreach, care coordination and care delivery to residents. 

If you or your organisation are interested to join our CoC network, please reach out to us here​.​​​