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​We provide evidence-based medicine and comprehensive care for various acute and chronic medical conditions.​​



​About Us​​

​The Department of Medicine strives to provide holistic, efficient, effective, safe, and timely care whilst respecting the unique individuality of each patient to augment their health; in keeping with our vision, ‘Adding Years of Healthy Life’.

Our department consists of physicians from entire range of medical subspecialties, enabling the delivery of comprehensive evidence-based medicine and multipronged care. Our doctors are skilled to manage a wide range of acute and chronic medical conditions.

With patient’s wellbeing and health being the cornerstone of our service, we are ever aware of the dynamic and evolving needs of the patients, always prepared to harmonize our objectives with the needs of the patients. Our doctors actively engage and collaborate with our patients in order to facilitate the journey of healing and preservation of optimal health.

‘’Wherever The Art Of Medicine Is Loved, There Is Also A Love Of Humanity’’ - Hippocrates


Our S​ervices​​

The Department of Medicine provides comprehensive services managing a diverse array of medical conditions from complex and undifferentiated ailments to chronic diseases.

Besides providing acute care, we go beyond the patient’s inpatient stay to ensure longitudinal care is rendered to sustain good health. Every patient under our care has an assigned principal clinician (PC), coordinating and overseeing the care which often requires coordination between multiple providers.

Our range of services are wide-ranging, targeted to meet the unique needs of every patient, including general medical care as well as sub-specialty services.

Sub-Speciality Services

Inpatient Services

Inpatient care
We provide holistic, efficient, and safe care to patients with medical conditions needing admission.

Consultation services
We provide general medical as well as sub-specialty consultation services to other departments within the hospital. ​
Our team of doctors treat patients with medical conditions needing admission, seeking the valuable input of subspecialists when required.

Outpatient Services

We provide outpatient services under all our subspecialties, as listed above.

The Ambulatory Medical Care (AMC) service provides suitable patients with rapid medical care, with the goal of discharging them within one to two days.

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At the Department of Medicine, we are equipped to manage a wide spectrum of medical conditions. With ageing population and rise in multi-morbidity, majority of our patients present with more than one condition.

Our internists with a wide range of expertise are poised to manage ​complex patients who often present with undifferentiated conditions, requiring expert clinical input with judicious use of diagnostic evaluation for optimal management.