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Continuing Care at Woodlands Health

For Specialist Clinics patients continuing their care at Woodlands Health.​


Continuing care with us 

Patients who have opted to continue their care ​at Woodlands Health Specialist Clinics at opening, may refer to this page for information.

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G​etting to Woodlands Health

​Frequently Asked Questions

  1. ​My doctor spoke to me regarding continuing my care at Woodlands Health when it opens, and I have agreed. What should I expect next?

    Your doctor would have put in a referral to Woodlands Health for you. You will receive a call and/ or SMS notification once your appointment is fixed. If you still wish to be seen at the hospital of your last appointment (e.g KTPH, YCH, TTSH etc.), kindly approach the hospital to make the next appointment.

  2. I am entitled to subsidised specialist clinic care, will I retain my subsidy status when I go to Woodlands Health for my next appointment?

    Yes, you will still be a subsidised patient when you choose to continue your care with Woodlands Health for your next appointment.

  3. ​Upon knowing that the doctor I am seeing at the current hospital will be transferring to Woodlands Health, do I also have to continue my care at Woodlands Health?

    ​You are given the choice to decide if you wish to be followed up by your attending Doctor at Woodlands Health or to be followed by another doctor in the current hospital. Your choice would be respected.

  4. ​Will I be seeing the same doctor(s) for my next appointment at Woodlands Health?

    Our dedicated team of doctors and healthcare team will be taking care of you during your visit to Woodlands Health. If you specifically request for a named doctor, you will be classified as private patient.

  5. ​What are the charges for consultation and services at Woodlands Health? Will it be different from what I am paying now at the current hospital?

    Please refer to Charges & Payment​ for more information.  

  6. ​​I am on financial assistance at the current hospital, will I receive the same level of financial assistance at Woodlands Health?

    Your doctor would have referred your case to the Woodlands Health Medical Social Workers who will contact you for assessment with regards to the continuation of your financial assistance of your medical bills post transfer.

  7. ​I was given an appointment to see the doctor at Woodlands Health, however I would like to reschedule or cancel my appointment.

    You may contact our Contact Centre, at 6363 3000 from 8am - 5pm (Mon - Fri, excludes PH), 8am - 12.30pm (Sat) to reschedule or cancel your appointment. 

  8. ​What should I do if my medication runs out before my next appointment date at Woodlands Health.

    In the event that your medication has run out before your next appointment with Woodlands Health, kindly contact or approach your last visited hospital for top up.

  9. ​Before my next specialist clinic appointment at Woodlands Health, if I require urgent medical attention, what should I do?

    Kindly approach the hospital of your last appointment for assistance. Alternatively, you may visit any of the nearest Emergency Department.

  10. ​My doctor spoke to me regarding his/her transfer to Woodlands Health and I have not made my decision during the consult. After further consideration, I have decided to continue my care at Woodlands Health instead. What should I do?

    Kindly approach the hospital of your last appointment for assistance.

For other enquiries pertaining to continuing your care at Woodlands Health, please call our Contact Centre at 6363 3000 from 8.00am to 5.00pm (Monday to Friday excluding public holidays), 8.00am to 12.30pm (Saturday).​