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Medical Social Work

We help patients and their loved ones manage medical conditions that affect their overall well-being.​



About Us​

Our Medical Social Workers (MSWs) provide support to patients and next-of-kins who are experiencing significant stressors resulting from medical conditions and traumatic events.

​ MSWs aim to provide continuum of care from within Woodlands Health to intermediate and long-term care facilities or community partners for integrated and seamless care.


Case Work M​anagement​​​

When a person becomes ill and requires hospitalisation, it can be a difficult experience for both the patient and their family. The hospital environment can cause one to worry or become anxious or feel overwhelmed. We understand the importance of providing support to patients​ and their families during this difficult time.

As Medical Social Workers, we journey with individuals and their families in coping with the impact of their illness in a holistic manner. We render practical aid such as financial assistance, discharge care planning and supportive counselling to help alleviate the challenges faced by our patients.

In addition to addressing medical concerns, we support our patients in managing various issues related to coping with illness, grief, bereavement, and emotional distress.

We understand that the road to recovery can be challenging, and patients and their families may have concerns about post-discharge care and accessing available resources. To facilitate a smooth transition from hospital to home, we guide patients and families navigate resources to meet their needs.

Our MSWs also support patients who may be experiencing violence, traumatic events or are at risk of self-harm. This can be distressing for the patients and their families. At times, we collaborate with community partners to ensure proper risk assessment, safety planning, and support is in place for both patients and their families.

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