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Financial Assistance

​Seeking assistance for your medical expenses and those of your loved ones ​.


Financial Assistance

Concerns about medical expenses when unwell are a common reason for patients or their next-of-kin to seek assistance.

If you have difficulty paying for your or your loved ones' medical expenses, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Medical Social Workers, to arrange an appointment for a review and possible assistance.

​For patients who have existing or past financial assistance at Woodlands Health or other public healthcare institutions, please click the “Request Financial Assistance” button below to submit your financial documents for a review directly by our Medical Social Workers.

​Rest assured that your request for assistance and any information shared during the assessment and assistance process will be kept strictly confidential.

We can assist you in applying for various assistance schemes to help with your or your loved ​​ones' medical expenses, including:

  • ​Medifund

    MediFund is a safety net for Singaporeans who require financial assistance to afford healthcare. It provides extra help for those who have difficulties paying their medical bills even after subsidies and tapping on other means of payment (i.e. Medisave, Medishield Life, private medical insurance, own personal resources).

  • ​Senior Mobility Fund (SMF)

    ​SMF provides subsidies to seniors aged 60 and above to purchase mobility and assistive devices (suction machines, oxygen concentrators etc.) *as advised by medical professionals.

  • Assistive Technology Fund (ATF)

    ​ATF provides subsidies for persons with disabilities (PWDs) below the age of 60 to purchase assistive technology devices to enable independent living. *as advised by medical professionals.

  • Medication Assistance Fund (MAF)

    MAF is a scheme for eligible Singaporeans to purchase high cost, non-standard drugs that have been assessed by doctors to be clinically necessary. It covers medications for conditions such as cancer, dialysis, and heart failure. ​​

During the appointment, please provide the following documents (where applicable):​​​​

  • Patient/spouse/children/parents’ NRIC

  • ​Payslips or income tax statement of patient/ spouse/ parents/ children

  • Updated bankbook or latest bank statements (including savings, and fixed deposits)

  • Documents of proof of instalment plans, arrears, debts, etc, i.e. utilities bills, town council, HDB loans, any other statements showing your household expenses

  • Documents indicating that you are receiving assistance from other organizations such as the Social Service Office, Mendaki, MUIS, Sinda, CDAC, etc.​​​

  1. What if I or my family members cannot provide ALL of the documents as stated on the website?

    ​You can still contact our Medical Social Work department. They will assess your case on an individual basis, taking into account the documents you can provide.​​

  2. If I have private medical insurance, does it mean that I cannot apply for financial assistance?

    If you have outstanding medical expenses after utilising your Medisave, MediShield Life, company benefits, or private medical insurance, and you are unable to arrange installment payments for the remaining bill, please contact our Medical Social Work department for further assessment.

  3. Why do you need my children’s information? Will their employer know if they provide their documents?

    Rest assured that your information will remain confidential. Your children's details will be required to facilitate the financial assistance application process.

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