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​​​​​​​​For common conditions such as cough, runny nose or simple sprains, seek treatment at the nearest General Practitioner (GP) clinic first. ​


Your Family Doctor, Your First Stop

For common conditions such as cough, runny nose or simple sprains, seek treatment at the nearest General Practitioner (GP) clinic first. Your GP is well placed to treat mild-to-moderate symptoms and refer you to a specialist when necessary.

Explore common conditions and recommendations​ on when you should visit a GP, Urgent Care Centre (UCC) or the Emergency Department (ED), depending on the severity.


GP Referrals​​

Depending on the severity of conditions, your GP may refer you to the Urgent Care Centre (UCC) @ ​Admiralty or the nearest Emergency Department (ED) if you require further treatment at these locations.

Under the GPFirst programme, you will receive a $50 waiver on the prevailing attendance fee at either location if you are referred by a participating GP clinic.

You can locate your nearest GPFirst clinics here or identify them by the GPFirst decal on their clinic facade.

Term​s and conditions:
  • GPFirst is applicable to all residents living in Singapore including PRs and foreigners.
  • The original GPFirst Referral Form must be produced together with the patient’s NRIC / passport / work pass (or any form of official identification e.g. driver’s licence).
  • ​Benefits available only at participating clinics of the GPFirst or HealthierSG programmes.​
  • The referral date, time and clinic stamp must be clearly indicated on the original GPFirst Referral Form.
  • The $50 waiver is applicable for one day from the time of referral.
  • The programme’s terms and conditions are subjected to changes without prior notice.

  1. What is the GPFirst programme about?

    The GPFirst programme aims to encourage patients with non-emergency conditions to seek treatment with their GP first. Following the assessment by the GP, patients who are referred to the Urgent Care Centre (UCC) @ Admiralty or to an Emergency Department (ED) will receive a $50 waiver from their bill.

    For example, if the prevailing Emergency Department attendance fee is $160, patients who are referred under the GPFirst programme will pay $160 - $50 = $110.

  2. How will I be eligible for the waiver under GPFirst?

    You will be eligible for the waiver under GPFirst, as long as the GP you see is a participant of the programme. You will need to submit the original GPFirst referral form provided by the GP, together with valid photo identification during registration for us to process the waiver.

  3. Is GPFirst and its subsidy applicable to Permanent Residents and foreigners?

    Yes. The GPFirst programme and its benefits apply to all patients referred to the Urgent Care Centre @ Admiralty or​ nearest Emergency Department by participating GPFirst clinics.

  4. How do I find out where the participating clinics are?

    You can find the list of participating clinics here. Each participating clinic will also display a GPFirst decal.

  5. How much do I need to pay at the participating clinics?

    Patients will be charged according to the fees established by the respective clinics.

  6. Can I use my CHAS benefits at the participating clinics?

    The CHAS benefits programme is a separate scheme from the GPFirst programme. CHAS benefits will continue to apply at participating CHAS clinics.

    For more information, please visit the CHAS​ website.