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​​Get help if you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of frailty.​​

​​​​ ​

​Are you ​exper​iencing sympto​ms of fra​​ilty?

  • ​​​​​​​​I have unintentional weight loss​.​

  • I feel increased weakness generally.

  • ​​​I have been walking slower than b​efore.

  • I have been participating in less physical activity than before.

  • I am feeling more exhausted than before.​
​You may be frail if you experience these symptoms, which may lead to longer hospital stays or poor recovery when you are ill. It is more common among older people.

​​Community Frailty Intervention COMMFIT)​​​

​CommFit is a frailty prevention and management programme for residents in Woodlands, who are at risk of frailty or have developed symptoms of frailty. It is led by our Community Health Team​ (CHT), with support from our Geriatric Service and Allied Health colleagues including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians and pharmacists.
Our Services​​​

A wide range of services is provided in CommFit programme, including:

  • Frailty assessment​
    To assess an individual’s physical function and health to determine his/her level of frailty. Taking the assessment early is crucial to identify and treat potentially reversible medical conditions.​

  • Exercise advice
    Exercise is an essential component of maintaining physical function and mobility in frail individuals. Our CHT will advise you on the type of exercise to maintain your strength, balance and stamina.​

  • Nutrition education
    Nutrition is another essential component for frailty prevention and management, as adequate nutrition helps to maintain muscle strength and body mass, reducing the risk of falls and fractures. Our Community Health Team and dietitians will advise you on how to improve your nutritional intake.

  • Caregiver support
    Caregivers play a key role in providing assistance with daily activities, coordinating health care services and providing emotional support to frail individuals. Our CHT will educate caregivers on frailty and provide them with support to care for their loved ones.

  • Medication review
    Frailty can increase one’s risk of adverse drug reactions and drug interactions. Our pharmacists will review your medication to optimise your medication use.

  • Home environment assessment
    Frail individuals may have physical limitations that make it difficult for them to navigate their home safely. Our CHT will assess your home environment to help you move safely at home, for e.g. identifying fall hazards.​

  • Referral to other services
    If you have care needs that are beyond our programme, our CHT will make a referral for you to access other services that could meet your needs appropriately.

How to get help?

  1. ​​​​You may walk in or schedule an appointment to meet with our Health Coach or Community Nurse using this ​form.​

  2. You can also visit the following Community Health Posts (CHP) to​ find out more about this programme:

    ​Sunlove Active Ageing Centre (AAC)​
    Marsiling Block 3 Marsiling Road, #01-5137, Singapore 730003

    Monday & Wednesday: 9.00am to 5.00pm

    Sunlove Active Ageing Centre​
    Golden Saffron Block 764B, Woodlands Circle, #01-208, Singapore 732764

    Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 9.00am to 12.00pm ​​​

​Frailty Toolkit

This comprehensive toolkit will guide you on how to prevent and manage frailty. It includes information about frailty and how it impacts one’s health, as well as tips on physical exercise and ​nutritional intake.