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Hospital to Home (H2H)

​​​​​Information on transitional care support for patients transitioning from the hospital to the community.​


​​About Hospital to Home (H2H​)

Hospital to Home (H2H) is a comprehensive programme designed to ensure a safe and timely transition for discharged patients from the hospital to their homes. The programme offers multi-disciplinary care support tailored to the severity and specific needs of each patient.

​ A key component of the programme is to facilitate seamless care for patients transitioning from the hospital to the community. This involves receiving clinical care in their homes, supported by a diverse team of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, allied health experts, dieticians, pharmacists, medical social workers, and virtual care specialists.


  • Facilitate patients’ seamless care transition from hospital to the community
  • ​Support patients as they continue their post-discharge recovery in the comfort of their homes
  • Hand over to appropriate community provider for continuation of care if long-term follow up is required