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Radiation Oncology

​We provide consultations and develop tailored treatment plans for radiotherapy across various cancer types. ​



About Us​​

Our cancer care services encompass a comprehensive array of essential components tailored to address the unique needs of our patients and their families.

​​We provide consultations on the utilisation of radiation therapy in cancer treatment, delivering personalised treatment plans crafted by our seasoned team of specialists. Through seamless collaboration with other members of our oncology team, we ensure the seamless coordination of care, optimising outcomes for our patients.


Our S​ervices​​

We provide the following services to treat cancer patients:

  • Discussion of radiation therapy in treatment of cancer
  • Development of radiation therapy treatment plan
  • Coordination of cancer treatment with other members of the oncology team
  • Management of side effects of radiation therapy
  • Cancer education and counseling for patients and their families


​​​​Our Radiation Oncologists will determine the suitability of radiation therapy for each patient and develop a radiation therapy plan in discussion with a multidisciplinary team.

All radiotherapy treatments will be conducted at Tan Tock Seng Hospital or National University Hospital. On the completion of the radiotherapy treatment, patients will be given follow-up appointments at Woodlands Health to monitor their progress.