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Preventive Health and Occupational Medicine

​​​We manage and prevent illnesses and injuries that impact a patient's ability to work.​


About Us​​​

Our Occupational Medicine team specialises in diagnosing and managing work-related health issues for patients and Woodlands Health staff.

Meanwhile, our Preventive Health team uses public health strategies to predict, prevent, and identify health and disease risks in the hospital, at-risk populations and the community.​


Our S​ervices​​

Our Occupational Medicine services include managing patients' work-related illnesses, conducting pre-employment and statutory medical assessments, and performing disability evaluations. A key focus is helping individuals affected by work or non-work-related physical, mental, or metabolic conditions return to work safely and promptly. We work closely with patients, primary care teams, and employers to achieve this.

Our Preventive Health specialists design and conduct epidemiological studies, research, and outbreak investigations. Additionally, we offer guidance on environmental, behavioural, lifestyle, and other factors impacting community health.

​​​ Together, our team provides comprehensive workplace safety and health consultancy services, assisting employers in improving workforce productivity, safety, and overall workplace health.