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Medical Psychiatry

​​​​​We provide psychiatric management for individuals experiencing mental health disorders.​


About Us​​

Medical Psychiatry provides quality, integrated and com​passionate patient care for individuals experiencing mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, psychosis, and psychological issues in the elderly and those with medical illnesses.


Our S​ervices​​

We provide specialist assessment and treatment for the following conditions:



Depression is a condition characterised by persistent low mood and a loss of interest in activities. Other symptoms include sleep disturbances, changes in appetite, and difficulty concentrating.

Bipolar disorder​


Bipolar disorder is a condition marked by intense mood swings, alternating between extreme h​ighs (mania or hypomania) and profound lows (depression).

Psychotic disorders


Psychosis is a condition where individuals lose touch with reality, experiencing hallucinations, delusions, and displaying disorganised thinking or irrelevant speech. ​​

Anxiety disorders


Anxiety disorders are a type of mental health issue where people feel really scared or worried. These feelings can show up physically, like having a fast heartbeat, trouble breathing, or feeling dizzy. They can also show up mentally, like having constant worries or thinking that something really bad will happen.

​Some examples of anxiety disorders are: 

  • Generalised anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Specific phobia​

Stress and adjustment


Everyone goes through stress at some point in life. However, intense stress can make it hard for someone to handle things. ​

Old age psychiatry


Our team is dedicated to addressing the mental health needs of older individuals by offering diagnosis and management of psychiatric disorders in later life (including dementia), along with providing support for caregivers.

Psycho-oncology and psychiatry in end-of-life


We provide care for patients dealing with mental health challenges while facing a life-limiting illness, such as cancer.

Medicolegal assessments ​​


We provide assessments for patients with complex medical issues and who require a medicolegal assessment, such as evaluating decision-making capacity.​

What should I bring along at my first visit?

​ If you have any of the following, it will be useful to bring along:​

  • Doctor's memo or referral letter
  • Medications prescribed by another doctor for your mental health condition
  • A caregiver who is familiar with the patient

What will my treatment include?

Your treatment may include:

  • Referrals to other health professionals, such as a psychologist, occupational therapist, art therapist, or medical social worker. It is likely that these appointments will be scheduled on different days.
  • Referrals to community organisations and specialised mental health services, such as the Institute of Mental Health.
  • Medication

When your condition is stable, your doctor will discuss next steps with you. This may include discharge or transfer of care to a General Practitioner or polyclinic. ​

What if I have financial concerns?

Please let your doctor know; we can refer you to a Medical Social Worker.

Can I use Medisave to pay for my clinic visits?

For information on using Medisave for mental health disorders, visit the MOH website:

What if I have questions in between appointments?

You may call our general enquiry hotline, 6363 3000, for questions about your care or to leave a message for your doctor.

Can I change my appointment?

Yes, you may do so via HealthHub or call our appointment hotline, 6363 8000.

What if I become unwell after discharge?

  • ​If you have been given an open date: call our appointment hotline, 6363 8000, to make an appointment.
  • If you are following up with your general practitioner or polyclinic: they may re-refer you to us.
  • If you are no longer following up with any doctor: you may go to a polyclinic or general practitioner for a referral.
  • If you feel unsafe or unable to cope: go to the A&E or the Institute of Mental Health’s Emergency Services for urgent assessment.

  • Need help urgently?

    If you or someone you know is in a mental health crisis or thinking about self-harm or suicide, help is available:

    • Visit the nearest A&E or the Institute of Mental Health’s Emergency Services for urgent assessment.
    • Call a 24-hour hotline for support, such as the Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) Hotline (1-767) or the Institute of Mental Health’s Mental Health Helpline (6389 2222).

    If anyone is in immediate danger, call the police at 999 for assistance, or the emergency medical services at 995 if there are injuries. ​​