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Intensive Care Medicine

​​​​We provide specialised, round-the-clock care for critically ill patients in the hospital who require complex multi-organ support or close monitoring.



About Us​​

​The Department of Intensive Care Medicine manages the Intensive Care Units (ICU), High Dependency (HD), and Cardiac Care Unit (CCU), delivering round-the-clock care for critically ill patients needing complex support or monitoring. Our 80-bed facility spans two levels and features flexible bed configurations for smooth transitions between units.

Strategically connected to vital facilities like the Emergency Department and Operating Theatres, our units emphasise patient safety. Supported by specialists, our dedicated team of intensivists, clinicians, and nurses ensures comprehensive medical care.

​​​ ​

Our Services​​

Medical care is delivered by a dedicated team of consultant intensivists, clinicians, and critical care nurses, bolstered by specialist pharmacists, dieticians, physiotherapists, speech therapists, and respiratory therapists.

Within the Department of Intensive Care Medicine:

  1. Intensive Care Units and High Dependency:

    Our multi-disciplinary Intensive Care and High Dependency units offer high acuity monitoring and critical care treatment, catering to patients requiring mechanical ventilation and comprehensive multi-organ support.

  2. ​Cardiac Care Unit:

    Staffed by intensivists and cardiologists, our Cardiac Care Unit provides specialized care for post-heart attack and critically ill cardiac patients.

  3. ​Intensive Care Outreach Team:​

    ​Offering early review and assistance, our Outreach Team supports deteriorating patients in general wards, ensuring timely intervention and care.

Our units admit patients from all hospital departments and disciplines, collaborating closely with specialty teams to provide co-management in the following focus areas:

  • Trauma and surgical intensive care

  • Peri-operative care

  • Neurosurgical and neurology intensive care

  • Medical intensive care

  • Critical care nephrology

  • Cardiology intensive care, including coronary care