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Emergency Medicine

​​We provide round-the-clock specialist care in our Emergency Department, managing a broad range of traumatic and non-traumatic conditions, including both surgical and medical emergencies.​



About Us​​​

We provide emergency care to all individuals seeking medical assistance at our Emergency Department (ED), supported by a multidisciplinary team of dedicated emergency medicine specialists​, non-specialist physicians, nurses, patient service associates, pharmacists, and allied health staff.

This ensures effective patient management and comfort throughout their visits.



Our Services​​

Our Emergency Department (ED) and affiliated Urgent Care Centre (UCC) are essential components of the WH healthcare system. Designed with a patient-centered approach to minimise waiting times, our ED provides continuous specialist care for a wide array of traumatic and non-traumatic conditions, encompassing both surgical and medical emergencies.

Minor Injuries and Illnesses Unit (MIIU)

We ha​ve established a dedicated Minor Injuries and Illnesses Unit (MIIU) located above the ED, enabling efficient allocation of resources to match patient needs. This segregation allows us to address more severe medical issues in the ED while managing less severe conditions in the MIIU.

Extended Diagnostic Unit (EDTU)

Our ED also houses an Extended Diagnostic Treatment Unit (EDTU), staffed by emergency medicine specialists. This 24-hour short-stay ward offers transitional care for patients who have stabilised but require further observation, treatments, or referrals to our inpatient service partners.

Our 24-hour one-stop ED handles the following emergencies:

  • General emergencies

    Our Emergency Department is capable of assessing and treating patients with a variety of general medical and surgical emergencies.

  • Cardiac emergencies

    We provide care for all cardiovascular emergencies (such as Heart failure, chest pain and heart attacks) including a thorough initial assessment, ECG, X-ray, blood investigation, basic supportive treatment and resuscitation, as deemed necessary.

  • Neurological emergencies

    We provide initial care for such conditions as strokes, seizures, headaches.

  • ENT emergencies

    We diagnose and treat a variety of common ENT emergencies: (nosebleeds, foreign body throat etc).

  • Eye emergencies

  • Trauma and orthopaedic emergencies

    We provide medical treatment for accident patients with major trauma. With multidisciplinary trauma resuscitation capabilities, major procedures maybe initiated in the emergency department before the patient is sent to the operating theatre. Our services also include other basic trauma treatment procedures such as suturing, basic care of wounds and setting of simple fractures and dislocations as well.

  • Surgical emergencies

    We can carry out minor surgical procedures such as toilet and suture of wounds sustained during trauma e.g. fall, cut by sharp objects, etc.

  • Paediatric emergencies

    We provide the initial evaluation, stabilisation and treatment of acutely ill or injured infants and children. Where further care is needed, your child will be transferred to KKH to be treated by paediatric specialists that support WHC ED.

  • Toxicological emergencies

    We provide emergency care for patients with acute poisonings.

  • Pandemic / Emergency preparedness

    As the Emergency Department is often the first point of contact for patients in a hospital, our Emergency Medicine department liaises closely with the Ministry of Health's Emergency Preparedness branch to coordinate pandemic and emergency workflows within the hospital.

  • Infectious disease management

    Patients admitted with contagious diseases are treated in our negative pressure isolation rooms.

  • Advanced imaging (CT and MRI scans)

    Patients who arrive at the Emergency Department in an urgent or critical condition, and require advanced imaging, are given priority for CT and MRI services, which would help our doctors to make informed decisions on the patient’s treatment plan.