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Meet Charmaine Taye

"As a Nurse Clinicians, our role requires a high level of critical thinking, clinical judgement and decision making skills to provide safe and effective care for patients in different settings." - Charmaine Taye, Senior Nurse Clinician
​​​​​​​​​​​Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud, they say. 

Meet Charmaine Taye, a Senior Nurse Clinician​​ at Woodlands Health

How long have you been with Woodlands Health (WH)?

I have been with WH for 6.5 years. 

What drove you to join healthcare?

Fulfilling work, stimulating work environment and endless of career opportunities.

What is one thing that spurs you on at work? 

Knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s life. 

What is one thing about your job, that you feel is unknown or misunderstood? 

The level of critical thinking, clinical judgement and decision making skills required for providing safe and effective patient care in complex and rapidly changing healthcare environments.

Can you share with us one or two memorable moments from your time in WH or healthcare?

The most memorable moments were definitely during the covid period where WH wards were converted within 24 hours to take care of foreign workers.

It was heartwarming to see camaraderie among the nurses, and ​we were appreciative of the senior management nursing team who were with us throughout the period.

What do you love about your job? 

My bosses and fellow colleagues because they are patient with me and give me the opportunities to grow.

What is your favourite quote and personal mantra?

​​​​Stay hungry and be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. 

Why did you join WH?

It has been a fulfilling experience to be a part of the team at WH; where we are given endless opportunities to take on roles beyond our area of work and be able to collaborate with a diverse group of healthcare colleagues. 

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