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Meet Shane Lek

"While residents often perceive us as nurses with extensive healthcare knowledge, the role of a health coach is a unique hybrid, blending elements of nursing and coaching."​ - Shane Lek, Health Coach
​​​​​"While residents often perceive us as nurses with extensive healthcare knowledge, the role of a health coach is a unique hybrid, blending elements of nursing and coaching. ​"

- Shane Lek, Health Coach, Regional Health Office at Woodlands Health​


How long have you been in current your role?

I have been in my current role as a Health Coach since April 2022. Prior to this, I was a part of the community nurse team, serving as a COMPASS to support the operation, administrative tasks, and monitoring residents' blood pressure and blood glucose levels.


Summarise your job scope in 1-2 sentences.

In my role, I engage, motivate, and empower residents through motivational interviewing to collaboratively create personalised health plans for sustainable lifestyle changes. Additionally, I provide support in managing chronic diseases, monitor vital health parameters like blood pressure and blood glucose, and actively contribute to enhancing health awareness and literacy among residents.


What drove you to join healthcare?

I was driven to join healthcare because I find immense fulfilment in dedicating my time to making a meaningful impact on others' lives. Although the changes I contribute may appear small to some, they create a significant positive difference for the residents I engage with. Witnessing this impact not only motivates me but also enhances my overall job satisfaction.


What is one thing that spurs you on at work?

One key motivator at work is the opportunity to connect with new residents, especially when introduced by those I already support. It's gratifying to see existing residents benefit from health coaching sessions, finding value in setting, and achieving realistic health goals. Additionally, the positivity of my cheerful teammates brightens even challenging days, and I appreciate the chance to share knowledge, fostering stronger teamwork and better performance.


What is one thing about your job, that you feel is unknown or misunderstood?

While residents often perceive us as nurses with extensive healthcare knowledge, the role of a health coach is a unique hybrid, blending elements of nursing and coaching. We utilise motivational interviewing and simple clinical interventions to foster health behaviour changes, engaging residents in conversations to educate them on the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Our focus is on building rapport and empowering residents to take charge of their own health through informed choices.


Can you share with us one or two memorable moments from your time in WH or healthcare?

One memorable moment was when a resident sought my assistance after being advised to start diabetic medication due to high blood glucose levels. Using health coaching, I managed her expectations, discussed the causes and effects of diabetes, and explored her dietary and exercise habits. Now, whenever we meet, she excitedly shares her meals, reflecting the positive impact of emphasizing sustainable health choices over limitations in my role as a health coach.


What do you love about your job?

What I love most about my job is the opportunity to 'listen to stories' from diverse backgrounds in the community. Residents freely share experiences, from personal achievements to love stories. This not only enriches my knowledge as a health coach but also allows me to share their stories, fostering connection. Crucially, these engagements build rapport, enabling us to collaboratively explore actionable strategies tailored to residents' individual lifestyles without being overly restrictive.


What is your favourite quote and personal mantra?

One step at a time - you don't have to go fast to get far.


What made you join WH?

I was drawn to join WH because the offered position presented an intriguing scope of work that resonates with my skill set and knowledge. This opportunity not only allows me to expand my capabilities but also enables me to make a meaningful contribution to the community, serving the aging population. The alignment between the role and my professional goals was a compelling factor in my decision to join WH.


What motivated you to stay on with us?

In my 1.5 years with WH, what motivates me to stay is the evident commitment to career growth, learning, and development from the management. The presence of structured advancement opportunities is compelling.

Moreover, having a supportive manager who recognizes and values my contributions adds to the positive work environment. The strong sense of belonging within the team, marked by mutual respect and support, creates a rare and enriching experience where individuals can truly be themselves at work.

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