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Caring for Our Community of the Future: Groundbreaking Ceremony of Woodlands Health Campus


​​​​​Groundbreaking Ceremony of Woodlands Health Campus

  1. ​The new Woodlands Health Campus envisions pers​on-centric and quality healthcare for the community of the future by integrating three components – SMART technology, green spaces for patient healing and a strong ecosystem for community care. Set to open progressively from 2022, the health campus will be an expansive healing environment which will extend beyond the physical walls of the hospital. Minister for Health Mr Gan Kim Yong officiated the Groundbreaking Ceremony today.
  2. Woodlands Health Campus is the first hospital in Woodlands. Located along Woodlands Drive 17 and occupying a land space of 7.66 hectares or about 11 football fields, the hospital will serve the northern population.
  3. The new Woodlands Health Campus will comprise an integrated Acute and Community Hospital, Specialist Outpatient Clinics and a Long-Term Care Facility.
  4. "Woodlands Health Campus will be a major health hub where patients can experience enhanced access to quality healthcare enabled with smart technology. But more than that, we have also designed it as a vibrant community hub where residents can engage in community activities within the open spaces and enjoy the healing effects of the gardens and the surrounding parkland. We hope the campus will become a vital and cherished asset for the communities we serve and for future generations to come," says Dr Jason Cheah, Chairman, Woodlands Health Campus Pro-Tem Committee.

​Improve patient care and enhance productivity through SMART technology

  1. In line with the government's Smart Nation vision, the use of SMART technology will be crucial for WHC in improving the quality of patient care while utilising less manpower. SMART technology will feature prominently in multiple aspects of the Woodlands Health Campus – from building infrastructure and hospital operations, to care delivery and patient experience.
  2. For example, the use of telehealth will help improve access to care by enabling patients to access hospital services from the comfort of their homes and in the company of their loved ones. Online services will be deployed to allow patients to transact anytime, anywhere. These include online check-in and registration, online filling of medical information, online orders of medications, and online payments. Apps and mobile-centric services will help to further increase accessibility.
  3. Artificial intelligence will also be explored to help healthcare providers sift through large amounts of data, make better decisions and reduce medical errors.
  4. Last but not least, robotics will automate backend logistics such as food services, warehousing, housekeeping and the Central Sterile Supplies Unit. This frees up manpower to attend to the personal needs of patients.

Greater integration of care within the hospital and with the community

  1. The thoughtful design of clinical spaces coupled with an innovative care model within the campus will provide seamless and hassle-free care delivery for patients. For example, Specialist Outpatient Clinics will be grouped according to diseases and patients will be able to consult, within a single clinic visit, specialists, nurses and therapists. The co-location of acute and community hospital wards will facilitate the early coordination of care between the clinical teams. Rehabilitation and discharge planning can start once patients are admitted into the acute wards, thus allowing patients to regain their physical function and be able to return home more quickly.
  2. To ensure continuum of care for patients after their discharge back to the community, Woodlands Health Campus aims to create a strong ecosystem with community care partners such as General Practitioners, Voluntary Welfare Organisations and other social networks. The integration of clinical and community care providers will provide more robust support to empower patients and their family members to take charge of their health.

First dedicated Parkland for patient healing

  1. Woodlands Health Campus will be designed as an open and inviting campus with green spaces located around and within the campus to create a relaxing and healing environment for visitors, staff and the community. The green spaces can be used for recreational or rehabilitation activities.
  2. The hospital will feature the first purpose built Parkland for patient healing. Designed by the National Parks Board (NParks), the 'Healing Forest Garden' is developed based on studies that show that a person's focus and attention is improved by spending time in, and looking at, nature. The garden is segmented into four zones according to a user's preference for interacting with the natural environment. Integrated into the hospital campus, it aims to create an array of experiences for mental, emotional and physical healing and restoration outside the hospital grounds.
  3. Patients can also make use of specially designed 'Therapeutic Gardens' for early rehabilitation. Designed in consultation with NParks, these gardens aid in patients' recovery by supporting their mental, physical and emotional needs. There will also be a Dementia Garden at the Long-Term Care facility.


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