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Be a Woodlands Health Volunteer

​​Learn more about the various volunteer opportunities available and be part of our volunteer team.


​​​Passionate about giving back?

Join our vibrant volunteer family to help create a welcoming and caring environment for our North-Western community.


Volunteer Opportunities 

From May 2024, we are looking for:
​Navigation Buddy

  • Be the warm and friendly face that welcomes patients and visitors
  • Help them find their way around the hospital
  • Introduce services and facilities available at WH
  • Assist patients who require a wheelchair

​​Digital Master

  • Assist patients and visitors in using digital platforms, such as our Visitor Registration Kiosks and Patient Services Stations
  • Help manage the crowd/ queue when congestion happens at Visitor Registration Kiosks or counters
  • Raise awareness of and encourage use of NHG Cares and HealthHub apps for registration and appointments.

​​Emergency Department (ED) Guardian​

  • Monitor patients with risk of falls
  • Assist patients and visitors in using digital platforms, such as our Visitor Registration Kiosks and Patient Services Stations at the ED
  • Walk patients to different areas within the ED such as consultation rooms and for X-rays
  • ​Provide assistance if a patient requires a wheelchair
  • Guide family members or next-of-kins to specific areas within the ED

​​Bedside Befriender

  • ​Accompany and chat with patients in the wards who are at risk of falling
  • Provide companionship to patients with cognitive impairments
  • Engage with dementia patients to promote their wellbeing
  • Assist nurses in the wards and help with feeding.

Patient Pal

  • Be the friendly and familiar presence for patients and caregivers in the wards
  • Provide companionship and practical support for patients, especially those with limited social support
  • Provide respite for caregivers during mealtimes or if they need to run an errand
  • Accompany patients to the Woodlands Healing Garden for a change of scenery
  • Be the extra pair of eyes and ears to complement our nurses’ roles
  • Assist patients to order their meals via the Patient Bedside Terminal or support communal dining.

Programme Facilitator

Game / Reading Master

  • Play board games, piece puzzles and/or read with patients at their bedside
  • Plan and facilitate small group sessions involving board games and/or books.

Creative Hearts
  • Bring cheer and comfort to patients through singing and/or playing musical instruments
  • Plan and conduct art and crafts activities by the bedside or in small groups
  • Engage patients in conversations about art and music.

Hey Good Lookin'

  • Provide hair cutting and/or grooming service to help patients in the wards feel fresh and look good

​​Patient Advocates

  • Represent a broad view of patient, family, and caregiver experiences and issues
  • Advise on strategies to promote patient and community empowerment through focus groups or representation on working groups
  • Participate and advise on planning and service development of WH programmes and services
  • Assist in the review of various patient and caregiver information materials and provide feedback

​​Health Educators

  • Help facilitate education or awareness sessions for patients and caregivers. Topics may include healthier living and health screening
  • Proactively share health-related information and educational materials such as videos, brochures with patients and caregivers in outpatient settings
Peer Support Group Facilitators

Are you a current or past patient or caregiver? Your lived experience can help provide encouragement and practical support to other patients and caregivers, especially those who are newly diagnosed.

Peer support groups are a safe space for people with similar health conditions to connect and share experiences with each other as well as learn from health experts. WH is looking to establish condition-specific or role-specific peer support groups to empower patients and caregivers to take better charge of their health and wellbeing. If you are looking to support others going through similar health experiences, this volunteer role might be for you.



Interested in volunteering with us? Here are some things to know.​

  • You must be 18 years and above
  • Be available to volunteer at least once a month.
  • We have volunteer shifts from Monday to Saturday. Each shift is 3 hours. 
  • Prior vaccination is required for volunteering
  • Ability to speak dialect, Malay, Tamil or Bengali is an advantage
  • ​Training and/or prior experience may be required for the programme facilitator roles.

Training and/or prior experience may be required for the programme facilitator roles.

Recruitment Roadmap


Recruitment Process

1. Becoming a WH Volunteer

Submit your interest to volunteer by completing this Expression of Interest Form​ and we will get in touch with you.

2. Chit-chat

We will give you a call to understand your interests. You may be asked to complete an application form after.

3. Volunteer Orientation

Once you have submitted the application form, you will be required to attend volunteer orientation to learn more about WH and your role as a volunteer.

4. Welcome to #TeamWH

Congratulations, we are so excited that you have come on board for a rewarding and meaningful volunteer experience! 
If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

About WH Volunteer Services 

Volunteers are valued members of the WH team.

Join us to:

  • care for and improve the lives of our patients 
  • create positive experiences for patients and visitors
  • gain skills and experience in healthcare with our WH family 
  • inspire the north-western community to live well and stay healthy.

Here are some ways WH will support you as a volunteer:

  • orientation and skill-based workshops
  • Information sessions about the healthcare system in Singapore 
  • Access to staff and community events ​
  • well-being support
  • recognition and leadership opportunities​.