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Ren Ci @ Woodlands

​We provide intermediate to long-term care within Woodlands Health Campus. Besides a Nursing Home, our facility also houses a Senior Care Centre and provides Home Care services.


About Us​

Ren Ci @ Woodlands is Ren Ci Hospital’s newest facility, comprising of a 332-bedded Nursing Home, Senior Care Centre with a capacity for 100 clients, and Home Care services.

Thoughtfully designed with features to offer greater comfort, healing and autonomy for seniors, the building uses a household concept to afford resident more privacy. Better natural ventilation and wide activity areas also provide better comfort and more scope for activities for our residents. ​

Locate us at the ​Long-term Care Tower (Tower E)​.


Ren Ci @ Woodlands (Nursing Home)​​​

At Ren Ci, we respect each resident as a unique individual who can be empowered to achieve their goals and aspirations in spite of their limitations. The Nursing Home is designed to be a 'Kampung in a kampung' facility where residents can each play on their strengths, with a culture of continuous learning to become active contributors in the daily running of their home.

Each resident will have a personalised care plan that addresses his or her clinical, physical, psychosocial and emotional needs. The moment they move into the home, a Rhythm of Life profiling will be done to allow our care team to fully understand the residents’ life stories. Structured and ad hoc activities will be planned for residents according to their needs and preferences.

For more information, please visit ​Ren Ci's website.​

The Senior Care Centre (SCC) can accommodate 100 clients with transport provision. To cater to all our day care clients, we have programmes that focus on multi-sensory, movement, memory and momentia (encouraging clients to live in the moment and focus on their strengths and abilities).

For Dementia clients, the Pooled Activity Level (PAL) and Challenging Behaviour Scale (CBS) would be administered to help the care team better understand the behaviour of the client, thus facilitating planning of care plan and activities suitable for clients.

For more information, please visit ​Ren Ci's website.​

Our Home Care (HC) services will provide the continuum of care to frail seniors who want to age in their own homes or the community instead of a nursing home.

The standard services provided under HC include the following:

  • Home Medical – provided by doctors

  • Home Nursing – provided by nurses for nursing procedures, medication packing and compliance monitoring, caregiver training as well as care planning and assessment

  • Home Personal Care – provided by Care Associates for personal hygiene, activities, befriending, light housekeeping and escort for medical appointments at Specialist Outpatient Clinics

  • Case Management – provided by a case/ social worker who will perform counselling, financial assessment and assistance in applying for financial aid

  • Befriending services and community outreach programmes provided by volunteers to engage the clients with the community

  • Caregiver support group – provided by social workers to provide psycho-education, peer support and resources to clients and caregivers

For more information, please visit ​Ren Ci's website. ​​