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My Healthy Eating Plate Guide

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​​​​My Healthy Plate is a visual guide created by Health Promotion Board for you to achieve a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet. Let's take a look at how we can adapt this guide into our daily meals. You may follow the healthy plate guide with some of the suggestions below:
1. Fill ¼ plate with wholegrains or starches
a. 2 slices wholemeal bread
b. 1 bowl wholegrain noodles/pasta
c. 1 bowl brown rice
d. 1 bowl brown rice bee hoon
e. 2 chapatis
f. 2/3 cup oats

2. Fill ¼ plate with lean meat, nuts, dairy/soy products or legumes
a. 1 palm size meat/poultry/fish
b. 5 medium prawns
c. 3 eggs 
d. ¾ cups cooked lentils
e. 2 blocks tofu
f. 1 cup low-fat yoghurt

3. Fill ½ plate with fruits and vegetables
a. Vegetables such as corn, yam, and potato can also be part of starches as they have more carbohydrates **
b. Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables!
c. Fruits
      i. 1 slice watermelon
      ii. 1 small apple
      iii. 1 medium banana
      iv. 1 wedge papaya 
d. Vegetables
      i. ¾ mug cooked non-leafy vegetables
      ii. ¾ mug cooked leafy vegetables
      iii. 150g raw leafy veg/100g non-leafy veg

* Recommended plate size – 10 inch (25cm) in diameter 
   Recommended cup size – 250ml 
   Recommended bowl size – 1 rice bowl 
** Moderate intake if recommended by dietitian

My Healthy Plate Meal Ideas:
1. Indian food: Chapati + lentil dhal + vegetable curry + 1 fruit
2. Malay mixed rice: Brown rice + chicken with sambal chili + bean sprouts + long bean with tempeh + 1 fruit
3. Noodle soup: Fish slice bee hoon soup with more vegetables + 1 fruit
4. Sandwich: 2 slice wholemeal bread + 2 eggs + 1 cup salad vegetables
5. Western: mashed potato + grilled chicken/fish/steak + salad

Healthy Eating Plate Guide 1​​​
​Other tips to help you achieve a well-balanced diet 

Choose healthier snack options
  • Instead of snacks such as potato chips or chocolate, swap them with nuts, fruits or vegetable snacks 
  • Choose fresh fruits instead of drinking fruit juices
Use healthier oils and spreads – such as canola oil, olive oil, or sunflower oil
  • Healthier oils should still be used in moderation as they are still high in energy

Use healthier cooking methods
  • Boil, steam, stir fry or grill your meals rather than using high-fat cooking methods (e.g. deep frying) 
  • Remove skin and trim visible fat on meat before cooking
  • Leave out gravies in meals as they are sources of excessive energy

Go for more wholegrain options 
  • Having wholegrain foods in place of refined grains makes you feel full for longer
  • They are also higher in other nutrients and fibre as well

Make water your drink of choice 
  • Choose beverages with no added sugar or honey (e.g., plain water, tea or coffee)
  • Flavour your water with some mint leaves and fruit pieces instead​

Contributed by Department of Nutrition & Dietetics Service.
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