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Caring for your loved one - Oral Care

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Palliative care patients are susceptible to oral problems that can impact their oral functions and quality of life. ​Regular mouth care is therefore an important aspect of palliative care, aiming to prevent oral problems before they arise, and optimizing comfort.​

​​​Common Oral Problems

  1. Ora​l thrush
  • ​​An infection of the fungus Candida albicans 
  • Commonly appears as white plaques on the tongue, palate, and inside the cheeks
  • Possible causes: poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, antibiotic use, poor immune system
  • Your medical team will prescribe antifungal treatment

  1. ​Xerosto​mia
  • ​Subjective sensation of dryness of mouth
  • ​Possible causes: mouth breathing, oxygen use, certain medications e.g. opioids
  1. Stomatitis
  • ​Inflamed and sore mouth
  • May occur anywhere in the mouth including the lips, inside of cheeks, gums, tongue, and palate
  • Possible causes: Head and neck radiation therapy, infection, dry mouth

  1. Halitosis
  • ​Bad breath
  • Possible causes: poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, coated tongue​

Mouth care in the last hours of life

  • Apply white soft paraffin or over-the-counter lip balm over dry, cracked lips

Oral cavity and tongue
  • ​If able to drink and swallow, provide ice chips or sips of water
  • If unable to drink or swallow, use oral swab sticks to apply water or oral care agents (e.g. Oral7 Mouth Gel) liberally over the tongue, palate, inside of cheeks
  • Use ¼ tsp sodium bicarbonate in ¼ cup water to clean tongue coating

Dentures (if any)
  • Remove dentures, and brush thoroughly with denture brush and warm water

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