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Respiratory Care Service

We provide seamless quality respiratory care across a diverse spectrum; from the triage of patients in the Emergency Department to managing ventilated patients in the intensive care unit and conducting diagnostic assessments for both inpatient and outpatient.



About Us​​

The Respiratory Care Service team comprises our Respiratory Therapists and Respiratory Medical Technologists, who work in a collaborative effort to deliver comprehensive and quality care for our patients across the entire spectrum.


Our Services​​​

As Respiratory Therapists, we assist in the triage and resuscitation of patients with respiratory problems in the Emergency Department. In the intensive care units and high dependency units, we manage ventilator requirements of patients and work with a multidisciplinary team ​to help with patient recovery. We also assist in procedures such as intubation, diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopy, and bedside percutaneous tracheostomy. Respiratory Therapists are also an integral part of the Code Blue and Airway team.

An extensive range of diagnostic assessments are performed by the Respiratory Medical Technologists in the Pulmonary Function Laboratory and Sleep Laboratory. Our Pulmonary Function Laboratory offers an array of lung function tests which help physicians to diagnose, evaluate and treat any airway obstruction such as asthma or respiratory disorders while the Sleep Laboratory provides sleep studies to investigate sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea.

Our wide range of services​ managed by one collaborative team allows patients to experience a streamlined journey from diagnostic tests to the therapy.

Some of the services the Respiratory Care Service offers:

  • Ventilator management for patients on mechanical ventilation in the ED and ICUs

  • Management of Non-Invasive Ventilations for patients in ED, HD/ICU, and selected inpatient wards

  • Airway management and resuscitation expertise as integral members of the Hospital Code Blue Team, ICU Outreach Team, Airway Team, and Tracheostomy Team

  • Providing education and caregivers training

  • Diagnostic pulmonary and sleep assessments performed in both inpatient and outpatient settings, including but not limited to:

    • Spirometry and Bronchodilator Reversibility

    • Lung Volume Study with Plethysmography or Nitrogen Washout

    • Methacholine Challenge Test

    • Exercise Induced Asthma Test and Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test

    • 6 Minute Walk Test

    • Polysomnography

    • Home Sleep Test

    • CPAP/BiPAP Titration

    • CPAP Counselling and Sleep Support Services