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Art Therapy

We provide individual and group art therapy services across our inpatient specialties.



About Us​

​Art therapy offers patients a creative outlet through mediums like drawing, painting, collaging, or coloring, diverging from conventional talk therapy.

This approach encourages patients to explore psychological and emotional themes in their artworks, guided by our qualified art therapist to uncover deeper insights from nonverbal messages, symbols, and metaphors.


Our Services​​

We collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to support patients and families coping with hospitalisation, providing holistic care throughout their treatment journey. We provide both individual and group art therapy sessions tailored to our inpatient specialties, where patients are encouraged to explore various art materials under the guidance of our therapist, regardless of prior experience.

​​During these sessions, the focus is on reflecting on the creative process, fostering personal well-being, relaxation, positive self-esteem, and healing. Furthermore, art therapy can enhance cognitive and sensory-motor functions, promote insight and self-awareness, and improve social skills.

Art therapy sessions are conducted at patient’s bedside or a safe space to encourage creativity and exploration of thoughts and feelings.

A variety of art materials would be provided and sessions are guided by the art therapist through given themes or free exploration. At the end of each session, patients would be encouraged to reflect on their artworks and finding meaning to their reflections with the guidance of the art therapist.

Valuable benefits that can be obtained from engaging in art therapy sessions are:

  • Identification of personal issues and challenges

  • Allowing emotional expression and personal growth

  • Enhancing one’s personal self-reflections and self-awareness

  • Improvement in self-esteem and builds on one’s confidence

  • Development of healthy coping strategies

  • Allowing one to have a safe space to explore and be creative

  • Reflecting on alternative perspectives to one’s challenges

  • Improvement in cognitive and sensory motor functions

  • Enhancing social skills